Building a cnc machine

I decided to start building a cnc machine.
So i started by creating the design of the machine on SolidWorks, after a few sketches, it came up some thing like this.

After I finished the drawing, I started doing technical drawing of all the parts where I wrote down all the measurements and holes that I have to do when I start building the machine.

After seeing all the measurements, I calculated the amount of iron that I would need to build the machine. It was something like 16 meters of square tube.

So I bought two bars of six meters square tube 20*20*2, one bar of 6 meters square tube 25*25*2 and one bar of 6 meters angle iron 25*25*3.

Then I started cutting and drilling holes in all parts according to the technical drawing.

Here, I began to assemble the pieces to start welding.

These welded parts, are the sides and the support rails.

Here I started welding the frame.

In this picture we can see the size difference of the new machine for the old machine.

And the machine is done…

Here is the first thing cut in the new machine…

I did a little upgrade here, and…

I had to change the dremel with a router because my dremel burned.

I cut it today, with my new router




One thought on “Building a cnc machine

  1. Excelente Projecto , assumo que tenha rigidez quanto baste isso torna o seu projecto muito muito interessante 🙂
    Vou ver logisticamente a hipótese de realizar porque eu acho a estrutura muito boa ideia e de baixo custo



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